About Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger fragrance lamps were created in 1898 when Maurice Berger discovered a process to purify the air with the catalytic combustion of ozoalcohol. Initially Lampe Berger was used only by the medical field for its air purifying powers. Today you can find Lampe Berger oil fragrance lamps in homes around the world.

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 How To Use Your Lampe Berger Fragrance Lamp
  1. Place your Lampe Berger lamp on a stable surface. Remove the top and snuffer cap.
  2. Using the funnel, fill the Lampe Berger to a maximum of 2/3 full with Lampe Berger fragrance oil. Never mix Lampe Berger fragrances (except for Neutral to dilute) and do not add any essential oils or body perfumes.
  3. Insert the wick / burner into the lamp. Make sure the burner is well fixed and positioned to the lamp base. For the first time use, let the wick soak in the fragrance oil for 20 minutes before lighting the lamp.
  4. Light the burner using either a lighter or a match. Let the flame burn for 2 minutes. The flame may reach 5 inches in height. After 2 minutes blow the flame out.
  5. Put the top back on the lamp. Your Lampe Berger fragrance lamp is now working properly.
  6. To extinguish your Lampe Berger lamp, remove the top and avoid touching the catalytic burner. Put on the snuffer cap and put the top back on.
 Helpful Tips For Using Your Lampe Berger
  • To change the fragrance oil in your Lampe Berger lamp it is recommended that you empty any of the remaining fragrance and burn Neutral fragrance for 20 minutes to clean the burner.
  • If you do not plan to use your Lampe Berger lamp for an extended amount of time, remove the wick / burner from the lamp to avoid its saturation of fragrance oil. Place it in a plastic container or on a platter until the next usage. Be sure to replace the snuffer cap on the lamp. Once you are ready use your Lampe Berger lamp again, re-insert the wick / burner into the lamp, let it absorb the fragrance oil for 20 minutes, being careful to place the snuffer cap. Once this time has passed you can then use the lamp as you would normally.
  • Regular maintenance of your burner will prolong it usability. At times after multiple usages that your burner becomes sooty and darkens, this phenomenon is normal, as it is caused by the combustion. To clean your burner, leave the flame lit longer until the burner returns to gray (its original color). Use Neutral fragrance oil when doing this process.
  • Change the wick / burner unit after 200 uses or every year, whichever occurs first.
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